OneCamp is an expensive adventure, so you need to start your fundraising early. Chances are you’ll find it heaps easier to join forces with your Scout mates headed for OneCamp 2023 – it’s a lot easier to fundraise if you are supporting each other, swapping ideas and keeping each other on track.

Here are some ideas to get you started: 

Bunnings BBQs

Phone book deliveries

Flyer deliveries for local businesses

Chocolate sales

Sell Christmas trees

Raffle a trailer of firewood

Car wash

Garage/car boot sale

Trivia night

Fundraising tips

Every Scout Group will tackle OneCamp fundraising differently according to their local circumstances. Below are some general suggestions that will apply to most situations:  

Kickstart your OneCamp fundraising

Here is a simple process you could follow to kickstart your OneCamp fundraising efforts:

local councils - Youth sponsorship

Most local councils offer sponsorship, scholarships and funding for youth members who reside within their boundaries. Listed below are the contact points for several councils within Western Australia. Youth members are encouraged to contact their respective council to find out more information about any specific selection criteria or an application process.

While these funding opportunities may differ from council to council this can be a great way to help you raise funds for your OneCamp adventure.

Fundraising toolkit

Download our toolkit for more OneCamp fundraising tips and tricks. We’ve also created a sample fundraising logbook, so you don’t have to spend time creating your own!

Individual fundraising posters
Unit fundraising poster

see you in the Swan Valley for OneCamp 2023 – Eclipse in:


11-19 April 2023